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What Is METRO2 ?

And why haven’t I heard of it before now?

Restoring credit using METRO2 Compliance Challenges has been around for years, but we aren’t surprised if you are just hearing about it. The credit repair industry is dominated by a handful of large software companies whose goal is not to help you get results for your clients, but to make sure you continue to pay them their monthly subscription fee. A few of them have even started selling “courses” (even though they don’t have any real credit repair folks on staff) that promise to teach you credit repair but are actually only advertisements to get you to buy more training. These softwares are full of copy-and-paste template letters that are easily found on the internet. They encourage tactics like “This account is not mine” or “I don’t recognize this account”, which we all know don’t work.

The problem is that creating METRO2 Compliance Challenges is complicated. You can’t simply use copy-and -paste template letters, so you need a software with an AI that will automatically scan the underlying METRO2 coding for reporting violations and create letters for you. The big software companies can’t do that, so they don’t want you to know that METRO2 even exists, or that you can leverage it to get your clients amazing results.

Are METRO2 Compliance challenges Effective In Credit Repair?

Want To See The Difference?

Generic cookie-cutter letters vs a METRO2 Compliance Challenge

Normal software-generated letter. Yawn…

METRO2 Compliance Challenge. Now THIS is more like it!

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