20 Day Attack Schedule No Longer Recommended

I NO LONGER recommend 20-day scheduling as I’ve mentioned numerous times due to significant overwhelming evidence displaying more than a significant relationship with greater results and 35 Day scheduling (at least for first 4 attacks) as opposed to 20,25.30, 40, or 45 day schedules I’ve had tested extensively within last 12-15 months ongoing!

From what I have determined, there is undeniably greater consistency of success in the 4+ attack strategy where first 4 attacks are executed on days 1. المراهنات 36.71 and 106 (that is 35 days separated from each other). The EXCEPTION being when one has elected to do 1,2, even 3 Pre-attacks which is what I call the individualized PI attacks SEPARATE from the other item attacks. ألعاب الروليت As an example, say I decided to use TSW1, WWRD1, and PEEL1 OR NAA1  from regular or original Prodigy attacks. Simply separate the 3 TSW1-PI ONLY attacks to bureaus as one set of pre-attacks and use the WWRD1-PI ONLY ATTACKS as the second Pre-attack if doing that, and if wanted even a third PI attack then using PEEL1-PI Only OR NAA1-PI ONLY attacks would suffice. If so, you’d want to fire the Pre-attacks on days 1,10, & 20 NOT 35 days separated because these have NO ACCOUNTS nor INQUIRIES only personal identifier information items REQUESTED to be reported exactly and limited in the manner you have included within the PI Pre-attacks. If doing ONLY 1 PI attack, do on DAY 1 and STILL DO NORMAL ATTACK 35 days later day 36.

2 PI attacks

If doing 2 PI attacks, say on days 1 & 10, you STILL do the NORMAL ATTACK 35 days FROM FIRST PI ATTACK which is still day 36 despite only being 25 days from 2nd PI attack. 

3 PI Pre-attacks

And IF doing 3 PI Pre-attacks, do on days 1,10, & 20 but still again do the first NORMAL ATTACK on day 36 which is 35 days after 1st Pre-attack even if only 25 from 2nd and even just 15 from the 3rd one. POINT BEING, the PI ATTACKS acting as PRE-ATTACKS would ONLY add a MAXIMUM of 35 total days to the 4+ ATTACK (NORMAL ATTACKS) so laid out looks like this: :>

Day 1 Pre-Attack#1 as TSW1-PI ONLY

Day 10 Pre-Attack#2 as WWRD1-PI ONLY

Day 20 Pre-Attack#3 as PEEL1-PI ONLY OR NAA1-PI ONLY!

Ok ASSUMING using all 3 pre-Attacks AND using TSW1, WWRD1, PEEL1, and NAA1 as attacks 1-4 and ANY 3 of the 4’s PI ONLY attacks as the three PRE-ATTACKS on days 1,10, &20 then it looks like…




____ ____  ____  _____ _____

Day 36 TSW1- Everything *(even IF including PIs its OK since PIs are NOT inquiries NOR accounts  OR IF YOU DESIRE you CAN leave OFF PI’s too<—Me, I include ALWAYS the PI’s)

Day 71 WWRD1-EVERYTHING (ditto)   


Day 141 PEEL1-EVERYTHING  OR NAA1-EVERYTHING (again ditto, but NOT SAME ONE used for any prior attack of inquiries or accounts)   

WAIT 45 Days   

Day 186  Judge for GOALS so far for attacks through Day 186.. If NOT satisfied goals are met, CONTINUE ATTACKING but here after execute all further attacks on a 45 days separated basis as opposed to previous 35 days scheduling so……

Day 186 Attack #5 Choose ANYTHING but INCLUDE PIs..

Wait 45 Days 

Day 231 REJUDGE again and if needed do ATTACK #6 same way did #5 then continue running it back over & over until you eventually have enough built up TMF to essentially force an adequate desired result to occur! 

ONLY way to lose is to STOP and or EXECUTE too soon OR execute INCOMPLETELY and or DO NOT EXECUTE as suggested. 

^^^^YESSSSSSSSSS, there ARE literally INFINITE ways to SUCCESSFULLY use and win with PRODIGY ATTACKS which utilizes the Original Metro 2 Compliance Method Challenges to contest the report-ability privilege assumed by data reporters to have!  If cant ethically and legally talk, WHO GIVES A RAT’s ASS what is said? كازينو العرب 888