Generating All Client Attacks At Once

When generating the attacks all at once, you don’t know what will be removed and/or updated. Once you receive the update are you going in and editing the attack before printing? 

My Answer was:

Absolutely NOT, that would DEFEAT the purpose of doing all attacks on day #1. The POINT is to ensure EACH NEGATIVITY ATTACKING is faced with a MINIMUM of FOUR ATTACKS in hopes to better defend from potential reinsertion easily from possible softer removals (Id estimate 1 in 5 or about 20% of removals are indeed soft deletes not real long term ones).. Second reason I do NOT go in and edit is because that in of itself is very INEFFICIENT and that counters point of all attacks created day 1. WHAT I DO however is PEEK A BOO at current reports on day of 3rd attack, for me that is always day#71 since I do 35-day attack sets. IF I SEE GOOD THINGS HAPPENING, I stay in EFFICIENY-focused attacks, and if I see slow or no action, I step it up and execute the more effective-focused attacks. العب واربح المال الحقيقي So in REALITY on Day 1 I create AT Least 6 not just 4 attacks. Of that 6+ at least 4 are purely EFFICIENT-focused ONLY to CRAs and at least 2 are more EFFECTIVE-focused and INCLUDE Creditor attacks. If I have good action before day 71 3rd attack, then on 3rd attack I stay efficient focused and repeat same sequence on day 105 just before 4th attack. If I am NOT happy with movement so far I pipe in the more focused on effectiveness attacks understanding I’m losing efficiency but its a wash here . I repeat same sequence of discover and actions for day 105 4th attack considerations. كازنو THEN WAIT 45 days after 4th attack to day 151. IF GOALS MET, I actually GIVE clients the 5th and 6th letters created and advise them it is wise to send out REGARDLESS of apparent success already. If they do GREAT, if not I could care at all. العاب سباق الخيل Point is, NOTHING wasted. However, if on day 151 I’m NOT happy with results so far I FIRE OFF one of the 2 remaining attacks regardless if its an efficient-focused or effective-focused attack, then WAIT 45 more days to rejudge yet again on day 196 which also COULD play out as 6th attack day. IF HAPPY I give last unused attack to client and all is well. If NOT I fire off that 6th attack and again WAIT 45 days to judge. I HAVE NEVER ONCE YET got to THIS POINT and have NOT had success reaching goals, I suspect you WONT either but NOTHING is promised cause EXECUTION and TIMING MATTERS, A LOT!