Personal Identifier Rules for Metro 2 Compliance Method strategies such as with Prodigy software:

1) Only First letter of any word is CAPPED, all other letters small cased UNLESS YOUR CLIENT’S NAME HAS A NATURAL SECOND CAP LETTER SUCH AS McNeil or McDonald.

2) On NAMES do Not need to include the generation indicator (Jr. العاب مقابل المال , Sr., I, II, III, etc.) nor Status indicator (Dr., PhD, PC,etc).


Rodney Peak Sr.

I’d instead write as only

Rodney Peak or as

Rodney Peak Senior

3) for address include Street Number + Street Name , street type is OPTIONAL SO LONG AS SPELLED OUT NOT ABBREVIATED.

4) CITY N STATE, SPELLED OUT First letter CAPPED only UNLESS NATURAL SPELLING OTHERWISE but NO abbreviations at all Such as for NY list as New York, FL as Florida, city of LA as Los Angeles, etc. لعبة كازينو

5) any Directional indicators , do NOT abbreviate but instead spell it out fully.

North Main Street, Southwest Stacy Avenue

6) zip code Optional

7) On attack letters, do NOT include anything of personal information identifiers other than

> Current legal First & Last name,

> Current legal Last 4 of SSN,

> Date of Birth but listed in ANY truthful way NOT as already reported by bureau contesting such as for APR12, 1970 you can show as 04/12/1970 or as April 12 1970 (note I left out the comma there), or as any way that still is true just not way they have.

> Street Number

> Street Name , spelled out only first letter capped unless a natural second cap is in name

> No Street type necessary BUT IF ADDED SPELL IT OUT first letter only capped so AV or AVE is Avenue, BLVD is Boulevard, HW is Highway, ST is Street, CR is Circle, CT is Court, LT is Lot, POB or PO Box is Post Office Box, BLDG is Building, APT is Apartment ,etc…

> City & State same rules, Spelled out no abbreviations first letter capped only unless a natural second letter capped.

> Zip code is optionally included or excluded.

Do not include spouse or employment or education or job title or any other informational statuses that is not specifically regulated by federal reporting requisites and or your specific state’s laws , unless you are filing a claim of fraud and or identity theft at which point you are required to submit any identifying data requested related to claimed fraud and or theft event.

Hope helps!