Prodigy and the ORIGINAL Metro 2 Compliance Method that it leverages in 2 minutes or less.

After trying (unsuccessfully) more traditional credit repair tactics such as factual disputing, section 609 disputing, POA disputing, or the cheesy fraud and or Identity theft claims disputing that  STILL left YOU  SIGNIFICANTLY FAR from your goals for credit report enhancement even credit report enrichment of scores, you ever wonder to yourself WHAT NOW ?

Well, here is your answer, POSSIBLY!  Instead of arguing about what is said, how about trying to ascertain IF OR NOT THE SAYER has retained even the CONDITIONAL PRIVILEGE TO SAY ANYTHING pertaining to your consumer credit history, be it true or not matter little to none!

Typically ,Traditional Disputing needs obvious and INJURIOUS ERRORS to even hope for consistent success OR for a down right DENIAL of consumer responsibility in order to be effective CONSISTENTLY! موقع المراهنات كرة القدم   But what if you are ETHICAL, are NOT A KNOWN TRUE VICTIM of FRAUD and or IDENTITY THEFT of which you also did NOT BENEFIT in ANY WAY, or there is no obvious injurious errors to dispute OR whatever you just do NOT have the answers in your disputing efforts thus far and you are FRUSTRATED even worried?

Well, what if you could attack the ABILITY to report because the claiming party has failed to demonstrate they are even allowed to report, so literally anything they did claim is in jeopardy to be considered of being made with low assumed integrity.

That is where the ORIGINAL METRO 2 COMPLIANCE METHOD utilized in the PRODIGY SURGE software comes in, the WORLD’s FIRST to leverage the DEVIATIONS OF REPORTING STANDARDS with the FEDERAL and or APPLICABLE STATE REPORTING REGULATIONS such as the FCRA, FCBA, and ECOA amongst others! betfinal

Prodigy seeks out to identify and CONTEST the REPORT-ABILITY of claims housing aspects of reporting not PERFECTLY ALIGNED with the LAWS and REQUISITE ADHEARD TO STANDARDS OF COMPLIANT REPORTING to essentially force removal from reporting of claim’s that are with omitted requisite reported data and or is reported with potential failure to conform precisely with the applicable laws and standards making questionable if not impossible the reporter’s claim having been submitted with a MAXIMUM POSSIBLE ACCURACY and COMPLETION, cause the entity making claim COULD have been CERTIFIABLY COMPLIANT even to the mandatorily perfect Metro 2 Formatted reporting standards.

UNLIKE simply fill in blanks templates used by other credit repair software products we are aware of, PRODIGY uses unique attack-decision logics and equally unique ai else wise to create what is surely the industry’s MOST ETHICAL, EASIEST, MOST EFFICIENT and yet consistently also the MOST EFFECTIVE credit report enhancement attack letters that does NOT DISPUTE what the reported CLAIM’s are but rather CONTESTS the capacity of a reporter to ethically retain the CONDITIONAL PRIVILEGE to report at least until the same demonstrates undeniable confirmed document proof evidencing that aforementioned CERTIFIABLY COMPLIANT REPORTING Process to include even the required adhered to Metro 2 Data-filled Field FORMAT OF REPORTING, the STANDARD for COMPLIANT REPORTING of consumer credit information since created by the CDIA in the year 1997!

Prodigy amongst other things leverages what is referred to as the “Prodigy 811’s” or more adequately referenced to as the “Compliance 811’s”  which is as follows:

                                      The #Prodigy811s

             “Any deviation of these standards JEOPARDIZES the integrity of the data”  [CRRG3-4]

             “…follow reasonable procedures to ASSURE maximum POSSIBLE ACCURACY of the information…”   [ 15 U.S. Code 1681e(b) ]

             INCLUDING THE FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE THAT A DISPUTED DEBT IS DISPUTED” [ WHICH IS EQUALLY LEVERAGE-ABLE READ AS “….INCLUDING THE FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE A CONTESTED REPORTING IS CHALLEGED”  [FDCPA 807-8 aka Public Law 111-203, title X, 124 stat. 2092 (2010), section 807( 8 ) or 15 U. موقع 365 S. Code 1692, 807 ( 8 )]

             “e-Oscar is a web-based METRO 2 COMPLIANT, automated system…” [ M2FPOC-1]

             “….to the appropriate Data Furnisher based on the CRA and Subscriber…” [ M2FPOC-3]

             “The ACDV is returned to the initiating CRA with updated information…” [M2FPOC-4]

             ” If an account is modified or deleted, CARBON COPIES ARE SENT…” [ M2FPOC-5a]

             ” …to EACH CRA with whom the DF has a reporting relationship” [M2FPOC-5b]

*Called the 811’s because these 8 phrases each have 11 leverageable words