Some String Verbiage To Add

Please understand, due in part to your conspicuously derelict even possibly deliberate deviant misreporting, I am reasonable in my denying of any knowledge of any compliantly reported claim of true derogatoriness. This is so, particularly, considering the above-noted apparent and sometimes even frequent deficiencies of your required adherence to the requisite reporting standards below indicated by your reporting deviations to such a degree where so surely it is understandably  questioned by any legitimate considerations, thereby dissolving any merit and certainly any possible assumption of absoluteness of claim(s) made versus me, as reported and as displayed!

MY NOTIFICATION TO YOU NOW serves to debunk the possibility that you DO NOT KNOW that you need to ensure all claims are adequately factual and certifiably reported to include in the mandated Metro 2 format reporting standard. لعبة القمار ورق For any alleged account, I request that you validate the requisite physically verifiable proof of permissible purpose for any of the alleged delinquent/derogatory account’s allegations of inquiry(ies), TRUE OR NOT! كيف تفوز في روليت   I am willfully allowing you as long as 30 days to complete your requisite reasonable investigation to either confirm claim’s current reporting validity and compliance OR REMOVE FROM REPORTING the matter here now challenged. Please understand that you are NOT OF PRIVILEGE to report (or to continue to do so) ANY not confirmed certifiable compliantly alleged claim that is any or all of being physically untrue, inaccurate, inadequately complete in its reporting, untimely, deficient evidence of ownership of responsibility, and or unverified else wise and or any question as to reported claim(s)’ validity EXACTLY AS REPORTED. CONTINUED non-compliant reporting will be assumed WILLFUL NONCOMPLIANCE much less NEGLIGENT NON-COMPLIANCE (even if done in ignorance of requirements) , in violation of FCRA 1681(n) and or 1681(o) let alone apparent misapplication of FCRA 1681(e) and or FCRA 1681 (i) and participating in the deficient following of FCRA 1681 (s)(2). NO ENTITY is of RIGHT to report, and the PRIVILEGE to report is CONDITIONAL upon certifiably COMPLIANT adherence to any and all applicable state and federal reporting laws even the mandatorily utilized Metro 2 Compliant reporting standards as prescribed in the annual CRRG. I also request and AUTHORIZE for you to mail me physical documented proof of your adequate action(s) and my then updated personal credit report following your correction(s).