Thoughts on Attacking Data Furnishers

So, it is UNDERSTOOD, the very POINT of attacking the Data Furnisher, IF ONE ELECTS TO DO SO, is because it is clear that the requirements include that there be NO DEVIATION OF STANDARDS so to NOT JEOPARDIZE the INTEGRITY of the data being reported. So, attacking the Data Reporter gives yet another channel for that potential DEVIATION OF STANDARD or an OMITTENCE from that STANDARD to come into play since whatever the DF relays should in fact be equivalently relayed by the reporting repositories (aka CRAs involved) AND AS WELL BE LAWFUL AND COMPLIANT too. It ONLY takes INABILITY TO DEMONSTRATE PERFECTION OF COMPLETE AND PERFECT TO THE STANDARD OF REPORTING to displace the assumed YET CONDITIONAL PRIVILEGE to report. bwin شركة Without PRIVILEGE to report, WHO CARES WHAT IS SAID? اربح مال مجانا Legally and ETHICALLY is should NOT MATTER if compliance of reporting is not demonstrated!