Why You Need To Remove “Dispute” From Your Vocabulary

We do not Challenge Negatives!

The Original Metro 2 Compliance Method (hence Prodigy Surge) does NOT challenge items nor how items are reported, that by essential definition is a dispute! So to say we Challenge the account(s)/negative(s)/etc. تعليم لعبة البوكر is INCORRECT, THE OM2C METHOD DOES NOT DO THAT.

WHAT We are actually DOING IS contesting if OR NOT the criteria to retain privilege of reporting is satisfied, IF so we CHALLENGE the data reporter (not the item) to demonstrate any n all they reported is confirmed to have been CERTIFIABLY COMPLIANT even in accordance to the MANDATORILY UTILIZED and perfectly adhered to Metro 2 formatted reporting standards.

To challenge the item as you hinted is essentially same as disputing, point being is to be clear how you understand what it is we do, so you can better understand why we do this or that but better yet adequately and accurately inform your clients what your philosophies are and how your tactics are significantly unique from that of your typical competitor.

Disputes attack what is reported, or “challenge” what is reported. شركة المراهنات bwin

We contest (argue against) the reporting privilege

and Challenge (to call for an action) the credit mafia to prove their reporting processes where fully certifiable and compliant, if not then the assumed privilege to report is dissipated if not eradicated.

Terminology matters, More so in our approach than in any other.

Again, we do not dispute/ challenge/contest any item.

We do contest privileges. We challenge entities to show us undoubted proof of adequate reporting

Know it, be it, say it, do not veer!