Workflow for Anxious or Impatient Clients

So, after using other tactics before coming to Prodigy, how long should the “wait” be before actually using Prodigy software attacks?

The most appropriate timeframe would be 60-90 days

But in today’s industry that simply is not a reality

That being likely a greater truth, I’d suggest doing maybe Day 1 and Day 20 (instead of day 10) PI only attacks, then waiting 35 days to day 55 to fire out first real fledge attack… Maybe do this or similar:::>>>>

Day1 Attack 1 PALS1-CRA PIs only

Day20 Attack 2 PALS4-CRA PIs only

Day55 Attack 3 STSW1

Day90 Attack 4 PALS4-CRA everything except PIs

Wait 45 days

Day135 Attack5 PALS1-CRA everything except PIs

Again, wait 45 days

Day180 Attack 6 PALS2-CRA everything

Wait 45 Days, duh

Day225 Attack 7 PALS1-DF only

Yet again, wait 45 days

Day270 Attack8 PALS4-DF only

Lastly, wait 45 days to judge overall 8-attacks results on Day315.

***This gives you the minimum criteria for the Original Metro 2 Compliance Methodology using Prodigy I been preaching:::::>>

• FOUR DIFFERENT ATTACK TYPES ( Stsw1, PALS1,Pals2, and Pals4)

• up to 8 attack dates using this layout, no date’s attacks repeated so each is unique AND can all be equally generated on day#1 without issues

•Attack layout covers as much as 315 days, using only 4 GA credits yet creating two sets of PI attacks, two sets of DF only attacks, plus 4 sets of bureau only attacks with plenty time in between to ensure all attacks are considered.

***If you feel client is antsy, and needs more mail, add in INNOVIS , Factor Trust, and Sagestream attacks with Lexis and ARS if a public record or repo/foreclosure/payday loan/timeshare involved


This is just an example.. You can literally replace any four different attacks and mimic similarly and I’d gamble end results damn near identical.

I created this particular flow to ensure client gets early mail OFTEN


Plus , this literally gives about 10-11 months client intervention for only 4 GAs, so if charging say $100 a month that is potential $1000-$1100 earned minus $97 for 4 attacks so $900+ profit..