Training Videos

Learn how to use Prodigy Software & the Original METRO2 Method to create custom
METRO2 Compliance Challenges To Get Your Clients The Best Results.

Intro to Prodigy Training

Video 1: Training Section Objectives

Video 2: Compliance Challenges VS Factual Disputing

Video 3: Registering for Prodigy

Video 4: The Dashboard & Adding Clients To Prodigy

Video 5: Importing an IDIQ or MyScoreIQ Report

Video 6: Importing a SmartCredit or MyFreeScoreNow Report

Video 7: Uploading Bulk Clients From Your CRM

Video 8: The Work Area & Client Files

Video 9: Options When creating Attack Letters

Video 10: Overview of the Different Attacks & The 4-Attack Process

Video 11: Overview of the Original Letters: TSW, WWRD, PEEL, NAA

Video 12: Overview of the Super Letters: STSW, SWWRD, SPWWL, SNAA

Video 13: Overview of the PALS (Premium) Letters: PALS 1, 2, 3 & 4

Video 14: “Please Verify The Following Creditor Addresses”

Video 15: Adding Letter Destinations

Video 16: Can It Really Be That Simple?

Video 17: Decisions Made BEFORE Processing

Video 18: Decisions Made DURING Processing

Video 19: Inquiries

Video 20: Processing A Client In Real Time

Video 21: Choosing THE BEST Workflow for Each Client

Video 22: Prodigy Frequently Asked Questions

Video 23: Using Prodigy With Your CRM